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How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in helping Partners for Telehealth Solutions (PTS)!

There are many ways you can get involved in helping veterans through PTS. You can choose to make a monetary donation, donate household goods to our Linen Closet, mobile devices to our CellaPhone program or volunteer your time.  All are valuable and we truly appreciate your contribution.

If you would like to make an online donation click here.  If you would prefer to mail your donation please send it to:

Partners for Telehealth Solutions
9202 Venture Court, Suite 211
Manassas Park, VA 20111 

When making a monetary gift, consider these options:

Matching Gift
Many corporations match employee donations to charitable organizations. Please contact your company’s Human Resources Department to obtain a matching gift form.

Monthly Gift Club
Join a special group of our loyal supporters who donate monthly to PTS. You will make a vital difference in the lives of veterans and military families who desperately need your help. A minimum donation of $10 a month is required.

Payroll Deductions
Many individuals contribute to Partners for Telehealth Solutions through regular payroll deductions.

Donate Goods 

We truly appreciate your donation of funds at any time but sometimes you want to help and a monetary contribution is not possible.  Good news!  You can donate  goods (known as an in-kind gift) instead.

If you are looking for a way to help, you might want to do a a little "spring cleaning."  PTS collects household goods and clothing to distriute to veterans and miitary families as they transition from military life to civilian life. There are a growing number of consignment shops where a portion of the profits go to help local nonprofits. If one of these aren’t available in your area, your quality clothing can be taken to regular consignment shops where, when sold, the money can be given to PTS. Household items are needed from baby wipes to waffle irons so for a complete list of items most in demand click here.

Have an old cell phone? Consider donating it to the CellaPhone program. We accept all mobile devices (cell phones, laptops, Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players) in working and non-working condition.  If your cell phone has a SIM card, please remove it prior to donating. You also can search the internet for “factory reset” for the specific make and model of your phone to receive instructions on wiping away all personal information.

Donate Time 

Are you looking for a rewarding way to spend your free time? Consider volunteering with PTS.  It's a great way to make new friends and learn new talents.  We're always looking for help, whether it's picking up goods for the Linen Closet, dropping off mobile equipment to veterans,  helping out with social media, or working on a special event. We invite you to join us in helping military families and serving our community through the use of your time, skill and talents.

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