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Host A Fundraiser

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We welcome the support of friends who host a fundraiser to benefit our veterans and their families. New and exciting ideas can be transformed into a successful event. PTS will assist you in many ways to ensure the success of your fundraiser. You can literally turn any event into a fundraising event - you are only limited by your imagination. You can do anything from ranging from selling lemonade in a homemade stand to golf outings and workplace events. Don't know where to begin?  Here are 25 ideas to get you started:

  1. Bake sale -  People love sugary baked goods and bake sales continue to work time after time whenever there is a need to raise money fast.
  2. Balloon Raffle -  A balloon raffle is fun and inexpensive. All you need to get started are balloons, raffle tickets, and a prize.  Place a raffle ticket inside of every balloon, and charge $1 for each one. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket. The person with the winning ticket gets the prize and the remaining proceeds are donated to PTS.
  3. Book Sale - If you have a large collection of books that you no longer read or want, host a book sale. Invite you friends and family to donate their unwanted books and make money for PTS while de-cluttering your life.
  4. Bottle Drive - Ask your friends and family to collect beer, wine bottles and cans. Once you have enough, take them to be crushed and donate the proceeds to PTS. It’s easy and it helps to keep your community clean.
  5. Car Wash - Hold a car wash either in your neighborhood or at work. Ask some local business to contribute items you will need for the car wash and get your family, friends and co-workers involved.
  6. Change Jar at Local Restaurant - Ask your favorite restaurant to put out a jar for donations of spare change to benefit PTS.
  7. Charitable House Party - Invite your friends and family to your charitable house party, which you can fix around a certain holiday or any other kind of event. Incentivize donations by offering prizes for different levels of sponsorhip, like discounted tickets or other unique party favors.
  8. Clothing Drive - If you have a closet full of clothes that are in good condition that you hardly wear, it’s time to put them to good use. Invite your friends around and set up a mini boutique with unbeatable prices.
  9. Cook Off  -   Have your friends contribute their best dish and a donation for the event.  Present all the food and have people vote on their favorite dishes with dollars.  The person whose dish earns the most money wins the event.  You can purchase a prize for the winner and give the half of the funds you raise to PTS.
  10. Ebay Party -  Unclutter your life on Ebay and make some cold hard cash for a good cause. If you are struggling to let things go, use this rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it or worn it in 6-months – sell it.
  11. Family Friendly Mud Run — Good dirty fun for the whole family! Create a down-and-dirty obstacle course and invite your friends, family and neighborhood kids to dive in. Charge admission and donate the proceeds to PTS.
  12. Food Truck Rodeo — You simply need a parking lot, a permit, and a handful of local food trucks willing to attend. Charge your friends and family an entrance fee. The food trucks can still charge their normal prices and some may agree to donate a portion of their proceeds to PTS as an extra bonus.
  13. Garage Sale - One person's trash can be someone else's treasure. Get all of your families and friends to donate items for a super garage sale and have people "buy" things with pledges.  Advertise it in a local newspaper and expect a great turn-out. Convert the pledges into money and donate the proceeds to PTS.
  14. Giftless Birthday Party  -  Planning a birthday party? Instead of getting a birthday present, have your friends make a donation to PTS.
  15. Give It Up Challenge - To demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference, ask your co-workers to give up a daily beverage or meal and donate the money to PTS instead. Intensify the appeal by asking your co-workers to participate for a certain number of days or encouraging them to meet a personal goal.
  16. Great Office Bake-off - Everyone loves munching on cake and there are probably several people in your office who love baking. Set a date for your bake-off and email your colleagues asking any star bakers to enter the competition. Advertise to everyone else that they can come along, eat cake and judge the winner. Charge people per slice they try and ask them to mark each slice out of 10.
  17. Karaoke Night -  You can organize a karaoke night at your local restaurant to raise funds for any cause by partnering with a local restaurant that does karaoke. Let the local restaurant know that you’re raising funds for a good cause, and ask them if they’d be willing to donate a percentage of the night’s proceeds to PTS.   Encourage all your friends and family to attend to reap the most rewards from your event.
  18. Lemonade Stand - A time honored tradition and one that still works.  Kids love doing this and it's a way to get them involved.
  19. Popsicle stand — Another summertime favorite. You can freeze anything liquid in a popsicle mold. Be creative with your flavors and who says popsicles are only for kids?  What about an adult Margarita popsicle sprinkled with salt? You are only limited by your imagination.
  20. Restaurant Night - Partner with a local restaurant to help fundraise. All you need to do is approach a restaurant about having a fundraising night where a cut from all meals ordered that night is given to PTS. Spread the word among your friends and watch those seats start filling up._______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Quiz Night - Host a “quiz game” night and charge an entrance fee for attendees. Group people into different teams to see who can gain bragging rights and raise the most money for PTS.
  22. Scavenger or Treasure Hunt - Create your own treasure hunt around your neighborhood or city. Charge people to register as groups, then simply send them a cryptic text that takes them to another part of town. The team who gets to the final destination first wins. Work with a local business to donate the prize and use that venue as the last destination.
  23. Spare Change Bucket - This idea will raise money throughout the year with minimal effort. Contact PTS for some branded, sealable collection buckets. Then place these in areas of your office that people walk past a lot, like the kitchen, reception and meeting rooms. Your co-workers can drop spare change into the buckets whenever they walk past. You can also do this at home and invite family and friends to participate whenever they visit.
  24. Vacation Party - Taking a trip abroad? A really delicious way to fundraise is to put those cooking skills to good use and host a dinner party. Research the local cuisine of the country you will be visiting and invite your friends over for a three-course gastronomy adventure in exchange for a small donation to PTS.
  25. Virtual Baby photo contest — You can host this fundraiser from the convenience of your own home. Simply charge a small entry fee for participants to upload their baby photos, and then have the crowd vote on categories like “cutest,” “chubbiest,” and “most improved.”
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