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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA, provides tax-free monetary benefits, as well as housing and insurance benefits, to veterans with disabilities resulting from diseases or injuries incurred during active military service. But to receive these benefits, veterans must file lengthy and complicated claim forms.

While some of the delay problem may be out of your control, you can still do everything you possibly can to speed up the process from your end. If you are able, get hold of the necessary records yourself and send them to the VA. This can expedite the evaluation of your claim. If you file a Standard Claim, the VA is responsible for getting relevant documents - but recognize that this can cause delays.

It is also important that you secure all of the required evidence in the desired format. Check and double-check that any records you request are sent and received where they need to be. Continually follow-up with your doctor’s office and the VA, and your agent, if you have one, to make sure everything is moving along with your application.

The VA encourages veterans to take advantage of assistance in filing their claims. See Veterans Disability Benefits-How do I apply? for additional information.

It is very important that you do everything you can to file a complete application. If there is an error or missing information that leads to an initial denial, appeals can take even longer. Some vets who appeal a denied claim can years for a resolution; for PTS Founder Michael Johnson it took 9 years.

For many veterans all of this can be overwhelming.  They don't have the time, money or patience needed to gather all of the necessary paperwork in the format needed, complete every form crossing every 'i' and dotting every 't", and convey their medical history in a way that will accommodate VA guidelines.

And that's where Partners for Telehealth Solutions comes in. We have the time, patience and necessary expertise to guide veterans through the claims process. Our goal is to ensure that a vet gets his full entitlement the first time around.

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