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Telehealth Services

Primary care and specialist referral services
  •  may involve a primary care or allied health professional providing a consultation with a patient or a specialist assisting the primary care physician in rendering a diagnosis
  • This may involve the use of live interactive video or the use of store and forward transmission of diagnostic images, vital signs and/or video clips along with patient data for later review



Remote patient monitoring
  • may include home telehealth
  • uses devices to remotely collect and send data to a home health agency or a remote diagnostic testing facility (RDTF) for interpretation. Such applications might include a specific vital sign, such as blood glucose or heart ECG or a variety of indicators for homebound patients
  • Such services can be used to supplement the use of visiting nurses


Consumer medical and health information
  •  includes the use of the Internet and wireless devices for consumers to obtain specialized health information and on-line discussion groups to provide peer-to-peer support



Medical education 
  • provides continuing medical education credits for health professionals and special medical education seminars for targeted groups in remote locations


How does telehealth benefit Veterans?