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Why We Founded Partners for Telehealth Solutions

PFTHS Founder Michael Johnson is a 20-year Army Veteran dedicated to helping his fellow soliders. When Staff Sergeant Johnson was discharged, it took him nine years to receive a full evaluation of his symptoms. During that time, Michael saw how difficult it was for other veterans with health issues to submit claims and receive services if they couldn’t afford to pay out-of-pocket. He saw how many vets lost hope because of the interminable wait times, and how a simple illness became a major medical condition because vets could not afford to seek medical treatment. This interim period has been identified as a critical time for veterans. Due to long backlogs, it can take up to three years for a vet to receive his or her benefits determination — and this interim period often results in homelessness, alcohol/chemical dependency and even suicide. This is where Partners for Telehealth Solutions comes in — and why we are working to make a difference.

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