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About Us


Our Goals

The goal of  the Partners For Telehealth Solutions (PFTHS) Pilot program is to enhance the quality of life for veterans and military families.

PFTHS  is headquartered in Manassas Park, Virginia and was founded in 2012. The organization is working to fully integrate telemedicine into systems to improve quality, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the United States. We promote professional, ethical and equitable improvement in healthcare delivery though telecommunications and informed technology. 

PFTHS connects physicians to patients and healthcare organizations in remote and underserved areas, as well as urban areas. Through a distributed network of high-definition quality video, audio and peripheral equipment, PFTHS establishes a powerful link to doctors, hospitals and clinics to bring expert consultation instantly.


Our Efforts

  • Increase patient access to specialists and improve the delivery of treatment.

  • Enable more effective monitoring of patients’ health for more timely intervention and care.

  • Use clinicians’ time more efficiently, improving their working lives and reducing travel costs and time for patients and clinicians.

  • Increase efficiency by transferring patients at the appropriate time after a specialist’s recommendation.

  • Increase revenues to healthcare organizations as well as providers.

PFTHS’ management and operations expertise can establish telehealth/ telemedicine programs in nearly any specialty, to include: cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatric and mental health care. Depending on your organization’s requirements, PFTHS can customize the right program, ensuring usage of the services and clinical results.

The key difference with PFTHS lies in our ability to not only install the proper hardware and software, but in providing ongoing training and project management to deliver your expected return on investment. 


Our Team


Michael Johnson

Prince Hinson R.Ph