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TeleHealth is using technology to provide medical care over distance and it is improving healthcare for people everyday. Partners for TeleHealth Solutions are developing solutions to improve clinical outcomes and reduced acute care hospitalizations.

Solutions For Veterans

If you or a loved one is a patient that VA has assessed for Home Telehealth and determined this is an appropriate way to get care, then VA will provide a home telehealth device that best meets the Veterans needs.

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Solutions For Rural Communities

Telehealth has great potential to increase access to and quality of healthcare in rural communities. Technology can now allow rural patients to see specialists without leaving their communities, permits local providers to take advantage of distant expertise, and improves timeliness of care.

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Solutions For Urban Communities

Telehealth/Telemedicine is often offered up as the way to serve patients in rural populations, it’s actually similarly prevalent in urban populations, according to research by the Commerce Department.

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To conduct a program to enhance accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare in Virginia, through the implementation of a telecommunications network supporting telehealth, telemedicine and the interoperable exchange of health information that is secure and confidential.

Your donations will go along way in helping our cause for Telehealth solutions for the American veterans, urban Americans, and rural Americans! Give till it hurts!

Our Vision

Telehealth/ Telemedicine will play a major role in transforming the lives of Veterans and the community at large, by improving both access to and the quality of healthcare.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Partners For Telehealth Solutions is to facilitate the operation of an interoperable telemedicine/telehealth network using existing internet protocol based communication and videoconferencing infrastructure and telecommunication services to the extent possible.

Our Objective

Our Objectives for the telehealth network are to expand the programming and utilization of health education/pharmaceutical education within each of our communities and maximize efficiencies of PFTHS sites through the use of telehealth/telemedicine technologies for health care and administrative purposes.

Our Promise To You

Quality Of Service

We make a commitment to quality of service and always work closely with our clients to ensure successful implementation and adoption. We look forward to learning how we can serve your organization and answering any questions you may have.


24/7 Immediate Access to Your Personal On-Call Physician
Your PFTHS physician is just a phone call away, everywhere you are.

Immediate Access

On-Demand Consultation and Medical Treatment
Telemedical diagnosis and treatment begin immediately, using your custom Personal Prescription Medical Kit.

Telehealth Technologies

New technologies such as telehealth help improve health care services. For technology to work it must work for the people it is meant to help – patients and the professionals providing care.

Telehealth in VA helps ensure veteran patients get the right care in the right place at the right time and aims to make the home into the preferred place of care, whenever possible.

The internet is rich with peer-to-peer healthcare forums and medical FAQs websites. Each day, patients connect with one another online to share medical experiences, discuss symptoms, and ask for advice on chronic conditions and treatments. Secure online video sessions offer friendly conversations that diminish patient discomfort and establish trust in your brand.

Remote patient monitoring

In remote monitoring, the patient has a central system that feeds information from sensors and monitoring equipment, e.g. blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters, to an external monitoring center. This could be done in either real time or the data could be stored and then forwarded. [2]

Examples of remote monitoring include:

Electronic consultation

Electronic consultation (E-Consult), a TeleHealth modality, is a mechanism that enables primary care providers (PCPs) to obtain specialists’ inputs into a patient’s care treatment without requiring a patient to go in for a face-to-face visit.[5]

Remote training

Telehealth also provides opportunities for health care professionals in remote locations to receive training. In the United States, the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes or ECHO project uses a telehealth platform to help urban medical center specialists train primary care doctors in rural settings. The training allows these general practitioners to provide specialty care, especially chronic condition services, that would otherwise be unavailable to patients in these areas.[4]


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